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‘You cannot travel the path until you have
become the path itself’… Buddha

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To me Ladakh is too vast to pen on paper. I could, however, endeavor to give you a brief account of my experiences here. The Great Himalayas with all its various facets has humbled me - the flora and fauna, the lakes, the “oasis valleys”, and the people of Ladakh. Entering the kingdom of the Himalayas, the majestic ranges stun you to silence. You can feel the crisp breeze and a warm welcome. The lush greenery amidst the jagged snow-peaks and mountain-deserts, and the culture of compassion, nurtured for centuries, scream paradise. What more can one wish for if dreams came true! The blanket of welcoming smiles is contagious and finds you enraptured. It’s like reading an ancient historical manuscript. Trekking in this magnificent landscape, one is struck with its incredible simplicity and charm.

I grew up traveling. At an early age I went from my hometown in Ladakh, to Bangalore, and spent 8 years at a Buddhist monastery there.  After this, along with three Ladakhi companions, I joined The Krishnamurti Foundation, and was part of a project called the ‘Ladakhi Children Project’. As a product of this project, I have acquired a very different perspective of life.
It is only coming back to Ladakh that has showed me the countless differences between the cities and towns, the plains and hills, and the various cultures. Witnessing such diversity and traveling extensively across India has played a critical part in my decision to open an adventure company and share my experiences. I learnt a lot in the past 5 years, while exploring Ladakh as a trekking and cultural guide. However, there is so much more to experience and my friends and I began this agency in the hope that we can “learn while traveling together”.

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